Welcome to my website 🙂

I am Jan Prunk from Slovenia. I spend most of my time working with Information Technologies. I started using the Internet in 1993 and I am enthusiastic about things that relate to the Internet, electronics, networking, GNU/Linux and ethics associated with computer software freedom. Occasionally I attend FLOSS related conferences and events. I am interested to hear from you about possibilities for project assignments or employment in the Information Technology or/and networking field (check my IT resume for details). I am also an official Debian consultant and I am available to telecommute for work.

I have a keen interest in photography and music. I like to listen to various genres of music and this is why I am attending concerts and taking photographs of the musicians. I have a collection of popular and rare music on vinyl records. I also appreciate art and have an interest in visiting art exhibitions in galleries and museums and I have also worked there in the past. My other free time activities include Wikimedia Commons contributions and Wikipedia articles editing, recreational hiking, touristic traveling inside and around Slovenia, meeting local people and taking photographs of villages, cities, nature and surrounding areas.

This website has been updated in February 2018.