IT Resume

Jan Prunk

Computer Systems & Network Administrator

I am interested to hear from you about possibilities for project assignments or employment in the Information Technology or networking sector. If you seek a new worker in Slovenia or German-speaking Europe ( Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg or Switzerland ) I would consider relocating for a job which requires an on-site position. I am also available to telecommute for work. You are welcome to read my detailed online resume with listed skills to see how you could benefit from employing or hiring me.

A Brief Summary

I am available for computer consulting, administration, support and quality testing. If you require local presence, I am willing to assist in setting up the infrastructure and networking. I can manage most tasks, including obtaining and building the required hardware, installing and configuring the operating system, network and services. My communication skills include: help desk support, telephone support, troubleshooting, writing and customer relations.

Technical skills

  • Using the Internet since 1993
  • GNU/Linux system administration (Debian, Ubuntu & other distributions)
  • Networking (Cisco, Mikrotik)
  • Telecommunications (VoIP / Asterisk)
  • Simple web design ( html / php / css / WordPress )
  • Software freedom consulting

Personal skills

  • Slovenian citizen
  • Allowed to work without restrictions on-site in member states of the European Union
  • Native Slovenian speaker
  • Professional working proficiency with English language
  • Limited proficiency with German, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and Italian language
  • Strong ethical values
  • Owner of the license for driving A & B category vehicles


My e-mail address is