I prefer to be contacted by e-mail. My e-mail address is janprunk@gmail.com . If you don’t receive my e-mail answer within one week’s time, it probably means that your e-mail got filtered by Google and I didn’t see it, so please use a different method for contacting me.
PGP encryption for e-mails (optional)
Below are my two public keys. Download the key and save it to a file, say pubkey_0x9FD7F151.txt , open a terminal emulator and then run the command gpg –import pubkey_0x9FD7F151.txt (or whatever equivalent for your interface/context). Make sure to send me your public key, otherwise I will not be able to reply to you.
  • My RSA PGP key:
  • 4096R/0xC6FE96E19FD7F151
  • Key fingerprint: 632E 9670 A3F3 46D3 9090 D59A C6FE 96E1 9FD7 F151
  • Download key
  • My DSA PGP key:
  • 1024D/0x414A29F500E80E86
  • Key fingerprint: 77C5 156E 29A4 EB6C 1C4A 5EBA 414A 29F5 00E8 0E86
  • Download key

My Telegram handle is @janprunk

Cell phone number

My cell phone number is +38641710598

Web contact form

If e-mail contact fails, you can also use the contact form below to contact me :