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I am a photographer. I mostly photograph concert events. If you are a music/concert writer/critic interested in attending concert events and working with me, or you are starting up as a musician, performer, dancer, model or an artist, looking to update your personal or public portfolio with new photographs, then I can work with you and we could agree to sign the mutually beneficial Time For Print (TFP) contract, to cooperate at no cost. You are welcome to contact me.

Wikimedia Commons / Wikipedia license attribution

I publish my works on Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons ( CC BY-SA 3.0 ) license. You can reuse my works with proper attribution. When using my photographs in printed or electronic media, you must mention at least appropriate credit “© Jan Prunk / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0 & GFDL or if there is shortage of space “© Jan Prunk / Wikimedia Commons“. Additionally, if there is sufficient space available please provide a link to the license and indicate if any changes were made. If you have any questions regarding the license or would like to obtain (additional) photographs in higher resolution and colour you should contact me. The list of my works is available through Wikimedia Commons search option. I would also appreciate if you could e-mail me the link with web address or send me a copy of printed media where my photographs are published. You can reach me by e-mail address . My postal address for delivery will be revealed to you in e-mail reply. Thank you.

My works related to concert photography were published in the following (mainstream) Slovene and International printed and electronic media.

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Slovenia (2014)
Art selling exhibition for the benefits of flooded school in Obrenovac, Serbia

Many thanks to (in alphabetical order)

Mirjam Gostinčar, Irena Kazazić, Borut Krajnc, Nina Novak Oiseau, Aleksander Petrič, Matej Rojina, Alenka Ana Stante, Matej Štalcer, Ičo Vidmar

Photographs displayed on this website were made by me.